Charles Schlacks Jr has been Editor-in-Chief of many of his journals, taking responsibility for the process of finding readers for his refereed journals among the international community of Slavic scholars. He is currently publisher of the following international refereed journals all of which have specialist editorial boards:

Journal Titles




Canadian-American Slavic Studies (Formerly Canadian Slavic Studies) Quarterly 1967
East Central Europe Semi-Annual 1974
Russian History/Histoire Russe Quarterly 1974
South Eastern Europe Annual 1974
The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review (formerly Soviet Union/Union Sovietique Tri-Annual 1974
Experiment - A Journal of Russian Culture Annual 1995
Symposion: A Journal of Russian Thought Annual 1996
Romantic Russia: Literature and Culture 1815-1855 Annual 1997
The Silver Age: Russian Literature and Culture 1881-1921 Annual 1998
Russian Theatre Past and Present Annual 2000
From the Other Shore: Russian Writers Abroad Past and Present Annual 2001
Russian Music Past and Present Annual 2000
Classical Russia 1700-1825 Annual 2004
Russia Film Past and Present Annual 2004
The NEP era: Literatre and Culture 1921-1928 Annual 2004
Socialist Realism: Literature and Culture 1928-1953 Annual 2004

Monograph Titles



The Laws of Russia Bilingual editions of historical legislation
The Laws of Hungary Bilingual editions of historical legislation
Thomas Shaw, Collected Works On Pushkin, 10 volumes


Charles Schlacks Jr Publisher is worldwide distributor (outside the UK and Ireland)
for The Complete Works of Alexander Pushkin in English (15 volumes).