Charles Schlacks, Jr. (PhB), University of Detroit (Philosophy) 1952, (MA), University of Michigan (History) 1956

Before setting up in publishing in the 1970s, Charles Schlacks had a career in the US Army and as an academic.

He graduated in 1952 from the University of Detroit, his home town, as a Bachelor of Philosophy. In 1956 he obtained an MA in Russian History at the University of Michigan. In 1960, he passed the PhD prelims at the University of California-Berkeley and started a dissertation on the topic: "Murder at the Mines: The Lena Goldfields Strike and Massacre 1912", (not completed).

He entered teaching and publishing in 1960. He taught at Stanford University (1960-1962), Seton Hall University (1963-1965), College Loyola, Montreal, Quebec (1965-1971), University of Pittsburgh (1971-1976), and became editor and publisher in residence at Arizona State University (1977-1980). Subsequently, he moved his publishing and editorial activities to the University of California-Irvine (1982-1986), California State University-Bakersfield (1986-1990), the University of Utah (1990-1993) and the University of Southern California (1993-1995).
He is currently affiliated with Monash University (Australia), whose staff members form the editorial boards of two of his most recent journals.

Charles Schlacks Jr has been Editor-in-Chief of many of his journals, taking responsibility for the process of finding readers for his refereed journals among the international community of Slavic scholars. He is currently Publisher of many highly regarded refereed journals all of which have specialist editorial boards.